You could say I’ve always had the “artist bug” and anyone who has it, knows you can’t ignore it. It’s like trying to ignore a chomping mosquito.

Growing up, my mom was the epitome of what success looks like when you let your self-expression lead the way. Watching her dip her toes (or paint brush rather) into artistry and reinvent herself with her art inspired me to explore my own creative itch in college, which is where I discovered photography.

It was in the dark that my creative spark ignited. While I’ve left the darkroom photography cave, today I find myself exploring the urban jungle, pushing the limits of black and white photography with a newfound colorful flair. True to my “bug” and creative beginnings, I act on impulses and focus on the structure of the shot – often shooting what calls to me – like loud street art and charismatic architecture.

When I’m not being a dad or CEO of my marketing company, I seek other talented photographers and play grunge street artist looking for his next inspiration, with my camera always at the ready.

I am a Los Angeles based photographer and all the photos are mine unless otherwise noted.