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On January 26,2016, #CantDoNothing launched both the start of their organization and Global Refugee Crisis social campaign, designed to help everyday individuals have a real positive impact and assist refugees worldwide. Founded by actress Milana Vayntrub and entrepreneur Eron Zehavi, #CantDoNothing is focused on helping each and every person effect real change.

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In late 2015, Actress and comedienne Milana Vayntrub went to Lesvos, Greece, to volunteer and help incoming refugees from war-torn Syria and other parts of the world. Shocked and touched by what she saw, she recorded her experience on her iPhone, and edited it down to a short documentary video. In February 2016 she shared the video with the world and a new social impact movement called #CantDoNothing was born.

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    While many of us are aware of the plight of the refugees, there has been very little focus on what can be done to help. What you do know is that you #CantDoNothing. Choose to share your time, voice or money to make a massive change in the world.

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