So What Do I Mean By Asshole?


Let Me Explain this A-S-S-H-O-L-E Acronym

Ya know, the guy who snaps, the holier than thou attitude to make up for feeling a bit less than, the selfish SOB, who can't recover from the hurt, who's addicted and acting out on it, feeling like a big piece of sh*t or the best piece of sh*t, arrogant... asshole.

After 7 years of meditating and practicing varying forms of mindfulness, I’ve found that I don’t have to be an asshole.

But wait... meditation? You mean that thing you can't do? The inability to get centered. That thing that takes too much time?

Yea. I get it. Look - if you're someone who can't meditate, or can't stay consistent, or can't stand people telling you need to meditate, then hey... you’ve come to the right place. And hopefully we offer something you can't complain about

And Who Is This Asshole?

My name is Jason Daley Kennedy. I’m not a guru, and I can be an asshole.
(But I don’t always act on it.)

After about a decade of saying I can’t, I started meditating. I stopped trying to do it perfectly and instead just started doing it. I started with a couple minutes here and there, then a few minutes a day, and in the past seven years, my practice has grown in many directions, all of them pretty damn positive.

Since I stopped saying “I can’t” and started sitting, I’ve been a pretty consistent meditator. I’ve been someone who has sat for up to 20 minutes twice a day, who’s seen the positive results in my life and my reaction to the things that happen in my life, and… then sometimes I’ve fallen off the proverbial mindful wagon.

But at the end of the day, the more I’m consistent, the less I’m an asshole.

Over the past few years, I’ve had both the privilege and the success of helping other people - even other assholes - who can’t meditate start to meditate, practice mindfulness, and become less of an asshole.

So, this guy became less of an asshole. And I want to help you too, as well. So take a seat, pal, scroll through the site, grab the free schwag, follow us on social, let us know what you think and if you want some help with in stopping the “I can’t” and starting the “I am”- book a session with me.

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