Los Angeles is at a crossroads of opportunity unlike any in the city’s history. In 2028, the eyes of the world will descend on us, and we can be a shining beacon of what it means to thrive in the 21st century. We can be a cleaner, greener, more helpful city, working to demonstrate what it means to eradicate social, income, and racial inequity, while creating programs and policies that support business, innovation, and growth for all of us.

This city doesn’t have to be a zero-sum fight between activists and business, between unions and innovators, between the rich and the poor, or the right and the left. Instead, Los Angeles can be a city where we all rise together. The problems we face are substantial and unprecedented – but their solutions are clear. All they require is that we find common ground, make bold choices, and work hard. But it’s not going to happen when we play business as usual with our city government and politicians, a system that's not built to serve the people of Los Angeles.

For far too long, Los Angeles has been governed by self-interest and self-dealing from public officials, and a series of mayors who are only using the office as a stepping-stone for their own personal ambition. Now is the time for change – now is the time for the people of this city to demand a new type of leader who focuses on issues that bring us together, not pit us against each other. Now is the time to bridge our divides and build a better Los Angeles. We need fresh voices focused on the issues that matter most to the people of this city. And supporters from every side of those issues to come together and focus on how we solve them together.

That’s our goal. That’s our purpose. We are Rise Together.

To learn more or get involved, email contact@risetogether.la.