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Credit Card Debt

Looking to pay off debt and save money? We have options.

  • Make one payment a month.
  • Negotiate better repayment terms.
  • Save with lower interest rates.
  • Speak to financial experts.
Get out of debt

Pay Back Taxes

End problems with back taxes to get your life back on the right course.

  • Get full paychecks with no wage garnishment.
  • Stop calls from collection agencies.
  • Compare all of your options.
  • Get a team of experts to negotiate with the IRS.
Pay Taxes

Fix Your Credit

Don’t let reporting mistakes hurt your credit score!

  • Identify costly errors in your credit report.
  • Learn how to make disputes the right way.
  • Compare do-it yourself and pro solutions.
  • Start rebuilding your credit step-by-step.
  • Achieve the credit score you want faster.
Repair my credit

How long will it take you to be debt-free?

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What People Are Saying...

I looked into a number of debt consolidation companies and none of them were going to pay my creditors until I accumulated enough funds to settle the debt. A CareOne provider is paying my creditors each month. I didn’t get any phone calls or threats of collections; in fact, two of my creditors actually sent me letters to thank me for my decision to work with a CareOne provider and uphold my financial responsibility. This program is such a relief.

– Tina D., Virginia, MN


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We’ve been there.

Our founder Bernie Dancel has been in debt, just like you. He actually filed for bankruptcy in his early 20s. This experience made him want to help others get out of debt and drove him to found CareOne. He started by taking phone calls from people who were in debt and not sure what to do next. He would sit at his kitchen table at odd hours, and help people from all over look at their budgets and decide on the right next step.

CareOne is different because we’ve been there. We know what being in debt feels like, and we’re here to help you take this challenge head on. Our providers have helped over 5 million people, and we want to help you too.